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Free Access To Education
for South Africa.

Campus Connect is a student-founded private company aimed at assisting students to comprehend
educational material, whilst simultaneously offering and exposing the students curated
opportunities from corporates and advertisers, offering training opportunities, bursaries, and
student specials.

We offer free, quality, easy to use and understand, educational resources that students can use in
various courses. Our educational resources comprise of high-quality animated videos and notes that
are aimed at targeting and stimulating the auditory and visual nerves, making it easier for students
to grasp topics.

Our core mission is to expose students to education and opportunities. We bridge the gap between
corporates, premium educational resources, opportunities, and students whilst simultaneously
building a robust and vibrant youth community. We undertake this initiative by engineering
unconventional methods of learning with the aid of technology and staying true to our youthful

Voted number one business in
South Africa at Redbull University 2019